Spring 2014 Photos

A child in the water looks up at her clinician.
A child plays in the ball pit
A boy throws a ball
A child smiling in the pool

Application Process

Parents interested in registering their child for the FitCatZ Program should complete the participant application packet and send it to Susan Flynn at the address provided below along with a check for $75.00 made payable to The College of Charleston.  In order to ensure a spot in the program, application materials must be returned by 2 weeks prior to the first session. Late or incomplete applications may not be accepted. Applications will be accepted in the order in which they are received.  There are a limited number of spots in the program, so we recommend interested families submit completed paperwork as soon as possible.  Scholarships are available on a limited basis for families who are in financial need. 

Please contact Susan Flynn for questions or additional information. 

Application Checklist

To apply for FitCatZ, please be sure to complete the following

  • Participant Application Form
  • Technology and Information Release Form
  • Parental Authorization Form (which includes a physician’s signature or recent school physical form)
  • Non-Parental Pick-Up Authorization; and
  • Waiver, Release, and Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Check to The College of Charleston ($75.00)

Participant Application Forms

A child and clinician hold hands as they walk

What to Bring

In order to be prepared for the program, children should bring the following items each session:

  • Backpack/duffel bag to hold belongings with the child’s name on it.
  • Wear Sneakers or tennis shoes
  • Comfortable clothes for playing in the gym
  • Wear a swimsuit to the clinic under his/her clothes to ease transition to the aquatics portion of the program.
  • Towel with the child’s name on it.
  • Rubber pants for swimming if needed.  Diapers and pull-ups are not allowed in the pool.
  • Ear plugs or swimming goggles if needed.

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