Role of the FitCatZ Clinician:

Children participating in FitCatZ will be paired one-on-one with a trained, College of Charleston undergraduate or graduate student clinician. The clinicians are recruited from CofC education and therapy disciplines and have shown an eagerness to work in the program and demonstrate a willingness to learn and accept an educational challenge to motivate and teach children and youth with disabilities. Interested students are interviewed and agree to the commitment of the FitCatZ program. Clinicians are strategically paired with their FitCatZ buddy based on their experience and the child’s specific needs. Throughout the program, clinicians will evaluate children’s physical activity and motor development needs and will structure individualized instruction in order to help them progress toward goals and objectives that are developed by the clinicians in concert with parents and children.

Clinician Benefits of Participating in FitCatZ

In addition to being able to work one-on-one with a child who truly values his/her clinician’s time and commitment, volunteering for the FitCatZ program has many other benefits for volunteers.  FitCatZ provides an outstanding professional experience that has lasting benefits for volunteer students entering teaching and other service professions. Since the program is on a volunteer basis, it also may fulfill service hour requirements.


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