Spring 2014 Photos

Two clinicians point out rubber ducks to their child in the pool
A child and her clinician smile at the camera.
A clinician pushes his child in a yellow inflatable
Two clinicians look fondly at their child.

Application Process

College of Charleston and Medical University of South Carolina students interested in being clinicians for the FitCatZ program should complete the clinicain application packet and email it to flynns@cofc.edu, send it to Susan Flynn at the address provided, or deliver it to Flynn’s Mailbox second floor of the School of Education, Health and Human Performance building at 86 Wentworth Street. In order to ensure a spot in the program, application materials should be returned by August 28, 2015.  Late or incomplete applications may not be accepted. Please contact Susan Flynn for questions or additional information.  

Application Checklist

To apply for FitCatZ, please be sure to complete the following:

  • Clinician Application Form
  • Technology and Information Release Form
  • Clinical Volunteer Agreement and Emergency Medical Authorization
  • Statement of Acknowledgment for Working with Minors
  • Waiver, Release, and Hold Harmless Agreement
  • SLED Background Check
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Group Leader Recommendation (if applying for Group Leader positition)

What to Bring

In order to be prepared for the program, clinicians should bring the following items to each session:

  • Backpack/duffel bag to hold belongings,
  • Sneakers or tennis shoes,
  • Professional dress for physical activity session (polo shirt and khaki pants or athletic pants),
  • Swimsuit (One piece for women, long swim trunks for men),
  • Towel, and
  • Notebook and pencil to take notes.

It is advisable to leave valuables and belongings not essential to the program locked in your car.

Clinician/GL Application Forms 

Group Leader Online Recommendation Form

Child Abuse Awareness Education

All clinicians, group leaders, and administrative volunteers are encouraged to complete The Darkness to Light Sexual Abuse Awareness Educational Training. Details will be provided at training.


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